Anne Frank : A Very Sophisticated And Bright Young Girl Essay

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Anne Frank was a very sophisticated and bright young girl. She was influential to history because she was brave and helpful during the hard times of World War II. She helped us see what it was like during the holocaust since she logged everyday while in hiding.
Anne was born on June 12th, 1929. She went to Jewish Lyceum, a school established by the German occupiers under the Amsterdam Jewish council. Anne harbored interest in literature; she was very vivid girl but not a prodigy. She was also an out spoken, energetic, and extrovert person. She had enormous dark grey eyes, a little mouth and a brave heart. Anne had a love for movie stars, she collected there pictures and hung them around her room (Birsten, 10). Anne lived with her fairly wealthy family in Amsterdam, where her father had grew up. In the Frank family it was her father Otto, her mother Edith, and her older sister Margot. Her mother Edith’s family had lived in Amsterdam for more than 400 years. Edith was always teaching them great lessons in charity. Edith married Otto and moved to Frankfurt. Margot was born in 1926, Anne followed 3 years later. Margot was very kind and beautiful (Gies, 78). On Anne’s 13th birthday Otto gave her an autograph book bound with white and red checked cloth, and closed with a small lock. She proceeded to use this as her diary. Anne and Margot lived in Frankfurt until the summer of 1933. It had become too dangerous in Germany for them to stay, so Otto Frank started a business in…

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