Anne Fausto Sterling 's ' Dueling Dualisms ' Essay

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Anne Fausto-Sterling in the reading “Dueling Dualisms” does a great job in illustrating the social construction approach experienced in the society today. Fausto-Sterling, believes that sex and gender are both socially constructed and take place in the human’s biology, which then play a role on the persons’ physiological aspects as well (Fausto-Sterling 127). This could be seen in the example Fausto-Sterling incorporates of Maria Patino’s case, where the phenomenal athlete was banned from the Olympics because biologically she had male characteristics, Such as the Y chromosome and male testis. From this example, it is apparent how one’s identity can be decided biologically rather than what they appear to be or who they identify as their whole life. Maria Patino felt like a woman and looked like a woman, however, her biology indicated otherwise.
Moreover, Fausto-Sterling includes that there are only two types of sexes, males and females, and two types of genders, women and men (Fausto-Sterling 129). These are the binaries and social constructions the society views as normal. There is a clear definition of what a woman should look and act like such as, be modest, subordinate, have a “clitoris”, etc. Likewise, there is a clear definition of how a man should look and act, be strong, confident, have a “penis”, etc. each person has to fit into these norms of a male or a female, or else they will be considered as “queer” and different from the “normal” people. A male would have…

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