Anne Bradstreet's To My Dear And Loving Husband

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Anne Bradstreet starts her poem by having endless love for her husband. She states in every line how her love is so complex to explain it in those twelve lines. In her first three lines she uses “If ever” as if she is explaining those lines within the couple as a whole. The title of the poem is exactly what the poem addresses “her dear and loving husband.” She really likes her husband and loves him because she uses “dear and loving” in the title. Love is unexplainable.
The poem is opened up by the speaker stating the desire of her love that she have for her dear husband. The reader can tell that she loves her husband very much because she says, “If ever man were loved by wife, then thee (2).” This quote refers to how no wife have loved her husband more like she loves him.
The speaker of the poem is Bradstreet, she is addressing her husband who she loves very much.
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The poem structure is an iambic pentameter poem. The poem can be divided into five groups. In line ten “The heavens reward thee manifold, I pray.” There are eleven syllables in this line.
To My Dear and Loving Husband is primarily about how happy a woman is to be with her husband and how great he is. How amazing her husband is, and the chemistry they share with one another. It begins by showing the compatibility of their marriage.
Bradstreet shows the reader who are involved in the story (her and her husband). She feels as if it is almost impossible to describe her love that she have for her husband. The poem is very romantic in a way. The only way her husband can repay her for her love is by showing her love.
The poet uses diction which is fairly simple. She uses “thy” and “doth.” Words she might have used was your because that’s what thy mean and does because that’s what doth mean. These words may have been rejected in favor of others because this poem is a puritan

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