Anne Bradstreet 's My Dear Grandchild Essay

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Anne Bradstreet was a very popular poet. She was the first women poet in the American Colonies. In her time a women being a poet was a very bold step. Society during this time expected women to perform household chores rather than write poetry. She was very intimate about the poetry she wrote. Anne mostly wrote about her husband and her children. In Bradstreet 's poetry it shows that she is a typical Puritan woman, devoted to God and to her husband. Other times in her poet Bradstreet 's poetry was highly controversial. Anne Bradstreet has two sides of her when she writes her poems. There is devoted Puritan Anne and Mistress, rebel Anne. Puritan Anne loves, griefs, fears and experiences emotions. Devoted Anne believes in God. Rebel Anne speaks as she thought. Rebel Anne puts her religion aside and just focuses how she really feels without society’s beliefs and thoughts. Through her poems “The Prologue”. “The Author to Her Book, “In Memory of My Dear Grandchild Anne Bradstreet, Who Deceased June 20, 1669, Being Three Years and Seven Months Old”, “In Memory of My Dear Grandchild Simon Bradstreet, Who Died on 16 November, 1669, Being But a Month, and One Day Old” Anne uses her two sides to write these poems.
In the poem Prologue rebel Anne speaks. In "The Prologue," Bradstreet speaks her mind about how women’s role in society is underestimated. She express her ideas and beliefs during the poem. She does not care if she stands alone. She argues that women are capable of…

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