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Roughly 300 hundred years ago Anne Bonny navigated along the Caribbean, capturing precious treasure, targeting low lives, and stealing ships with Jack Rackham and Mary Read ("Famous Pirate: Anne Bonny"). Anne lived during the 18th century, and had a long and arduous life full of danger, risk, and excitement ("Famous Pirate: Anne Bonny"). From the day Anne was brought into this world till the day she took her last breath, she worked hard, and was an extraordinary female.

Anne Bonny is also known as Anne Cormac was born in Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland in 1697 as an illegitimate daughter ("Famous Pirate: Anne Bonny"). Her father was a lawyer named William Cormac, and her mother was his servant Mary Brennan ("Famous Pirate: Anne Bonny").
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The romance between Calico Jack and Anne Bonny was not opened to the public ("Famous Pirate: Anne Bonny"). James was enraged at this decision so he asked the governor to tell Anne to be a devoted wife ("Biography of John 'Calico"). After her scolding from the governor Anne and Calico Jack fled to the tavern, and that’s when they both decided to become pirates (Yolen 62). When Anne sailed the sea, she dressed in male apparel (Ellms). Not long after Anne found out that she was pregnant so Jack left her in Cuba so she wouldn’t be in the way of task that occur on their ship (Yolen 63). After Anne delivered her baby she abandoned her, and went back to her career as a pirate with Jack ("Famous Pirate: Anne Bonny"). Once she got back, she was astonished to see that another female was aboard, and that female was the one and only Mary Read ("Famous Pirate: Anne Bonny"). When Anne was absent from the ship Calico Jack captured Mary ("Famous Pirate: Anne Bonny"). Before you know it Mary and Anne became great friends ("Famous Pirate: Anne Bonny"). Not long after, Captain Barnett attacked Calico’s ship for revenge, but the whole crew was over powered ("Famous Pirate: Anne Bonny"). Jack and the entire crew other than Mary Read and Anne Bonny had been drinking, when they were attacked ("Famous Pirate: Anne Bonny"). The girls tried to fight, but they were to overpowered, …show more content…
After she was realsed she re-located back to Charles Towne in South Carolina ("Famous Pirate: Anne Bonny"). Then she gave birth to Rackham’s child, but also got married to Joseph Burleigh ("Famous Pirate: Anne Bonny"). They had eight children together, and Anne lived her life until she died April 25, 1782 ("Famous Pirate: Anne Bonny").

Anne Bonny was an Irish pirate that worked extremely hard her whole life, and had a trecherous life with Calico Jack Rackham and her dear friend Mary Read ("Famous Pirate: Anne Bonny"). Anne lived her life to the fullest, and without a doubt was an unique pirate to the core. Centuries have passed since Anne’s death, and yet we still recall the story of the one and only Anne

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