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Anne Boleyn Anne Boleyn was a woman in the Elizabethan age who obtained a reputation too big for herself. She was a child of a merchant family that became extremely rich. Because of all the money her family had, she was able to learn in France and become acquainted with court doings in both England and France. She was the second wife to King Henry VII, right after Catherine of Aragon. She had one living daughter- who was Queen Elizabeth I. After being the Queen of England from 1533 to 1536, Anne Boleyn was beheaded by a skilled swordsman on May 19, 1536 (Spectator 1). Because Anne was a very ambitious girl, she made many enemies. Anne was an educated woman who was wrongly accused by her enemies which resulted in her beheading. Anne Boleyn was a very educated woman. At an early age, she was already “Accomplished in music, dance, and court doings” (Wagner 33). She traveled to France to learn more at the age of 13 because she was seen with much potential. When she arrived at France, she stayed at the Habsburgs’ home and learned alongside the children there. It was in France when she found her love for fashion (Warnicle 13). After her first encounter with French fashion, Anne always had the …show more content…
King Henry VIII did not like that she was so politically inclined because he believed she could gain him enemies or even overtake him someday. Mary Tudor, Henry VIII’s daughter, often called Bloody Mary, developed a dislike for Anne due to her accidentally causing a few family problems for Mary. “Mary had so much to cope with, including her parents’ marriage breaking down, being stripped of the title of “princess” and having a new and unsympathetic stepmother who obviously resented and disliked her. And those were just the issues she had to contend with as a result of Henry’s relationship with Anne Boleyn! Mary suffered much more later” (Anne Boleyn files

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