Anne Boley Trial Case Study

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Anne Boleyn Court and Execution

Anne Boleyn was the Queen of England and the second wife of King Henry VIII. Anne was born approximately 1501, likely in Bickling (Norfolk). She was one of the most famous queens in history, even though she only ruled for three years. She was the daughter of Sir Thomas Boleyn. In 1521 and 1522 in the mist of the war between England and France, Anne returned back home.
On the morning of May 19, 1536, Anne Boleyn walked to the Tower Green within the walls of the Tower of London. She gave a speech praising the goodness and mercy of the king, and asked the people who came to pray for her. She says, “O Lord have mercy on me, to God I commend my soul.’ She was then blindfolded and knelt at the block. She repeated several times, ‘To Jesus Christ I
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Whether anyone believed her was irrelevant. Henry VIII wanted Anne convicted and killed. On Sunday April 30th 1536 Mark Smeaton, a musician from the queen’s household was arrested; he was then interrogated at Cromwell’s house in Stepney. The next day May 1st he was moved to the Tower. King Henry attended the May Day jousts at Greenwich but left quickly on horseback with a small group of intimates. These included Sir Henry Norris, a personal body servant and one of his closest friends, whom he questioned throughout the journey. Anne had a feeling that something was going on but wasn’t too sure of the events that were sure to unfold later on that day. At dawn the next day Norris was taken to the Tower. Anne and her brother George, Lord Rochford, were also arrested. On May 4th and 5th more courtiers from the king’s privacy chamber were arrested. The final few were questioned and released, but the others were imprisoned in the Tower. On May 10th a grand jury accused all except from Page and Wyatt. On May 12th, Smeaton, Brereton, Weston and Norris were tried and found guilty of adultery with the queen, and conspiring the king’s death. On May

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