Anne Blies Annene Frank: The Life Of Anne Frank

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Annelies Marie Frank, most commonly known as “Anne”, was a young jewish girl who went into hiding in a secret compartment at the back of her father 's office for 2 years from the Nazis in Amsterdam, Germany. In that time Anne documented her life in the secret compartment in a diary she got for her birthday. This diary and her story then many years later became published, sharing her story with the world and still inspiring people to this day.

Anne Frank was born on June 12th in 1929, she lived with her mother, father and her older sister Margot. On her 13th birthday she received a little red diary which she began writing in immediately, referring to the diary as her friend “Kitty”. Anne was your everyday average young girl, but during this time Hitler had started placing anti jewish laws restricting Anne and her family from
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They took all of the groups valuable belongings and money they could find, but leaving Anne 's diary behind. and the group were taken away to a prison in Amsterdam, and then were transferred to westerbork, a camp north of holland. Anne and her sister Margot were taken to Bergen-Belson. Anne and Margot lived in the camp for several months until the winter when Typhus Epidemic broke out, killing thousands of prisoners, including Annes sister Margot, it was a few days later when Anne herself caught the disease and sadly passed away. The only survivor of the Annex was Anne 's father, Otto Frank. After the war, Otto goes back to see Miep and Jan Gies and finds out the fate of his family. Its here that Miep returns Anne 's diaries to him, telling him that this was “her legacy” he learns his daughter wanted to publish a story called the ‘Secret Annex” that unfortunately she never got to finish, but instead her father still made that wish true by sharing her own story with the

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