Essay on Annabel Lee

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Nicole Crespo Professor Tomko WRT 201 27 April 2015 The Beautiful “Annabel Lee” In his poem “Annabel Lee” Edger Allen Poe writes about a forbidden love that ends in a horrible tragedy. Poe uses many elements of poetry such as imagery to give the reader an impression of profoundness, symbolism to give a sense of setting, and tone to let the reader know the feelings behind the poem. With the elements of poetry the readers better understand used Poe’s theme of eternal love. It also helps us have an insight of how Poe’s perspective on the idea of love was to him. Given the background Poe’s life wasn’t an easy one which can be seen in the Poem Annabel Lee. In the poem, Poe uses visual imagery to describe many different …show more content…
The highborn kinsman is a symbol of elders that want to separate the young lovers. The kinsman shows a sense of authority in the story showing that, they’re people against their pure love. The tower in which Annabel Lee was put in before she died; represents a barrier that the young lover cannot overcome, no matter how hard he tries. The sea is also a symbol of being cold and empty, reflecting how the young lover feels after losing his Annabel Lee.
The biggest symbol used is Annabel Lee herself; she is all the author can think about. Annabel Lee is a representation of unattainable love; she is causing the young lover such pain. The last symbol is death itself, representing peace after all the torture endured by the elements and by the people themselves. The young lover although alive welcomes death, every night he lays next to the corpse. Because he knows that their love was stronger than death itself, and that he would be once again united with Annabel Lee. In “Annabel Lee “ the tone of the poem starts off happy and than changes through each tragedy. The happiness can be read when the young lover explains how they met and how they were children when they were in love. Towards the end of the stanza when the kinsman takes away Annabel it changes into the tragedy, since his love is torn away from him without a second thought. While

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