Annabel Lee By Edgar Allen Poe Essay

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Annabel Lee
Edgar Allen Poe wrote Annabel Lee while his own mourning for the loss of his wife was at the forefront of his mind. The poem expresses how the narrators love and feelings for Annabel are eternal and pure. The narrator incorporates his tone and imagery to help the reader understand that love is a natural thing, and the bond he shares with his wife is everlasting.
Poe expresses this poem as musical “sing-song” rhyme scheme and use of repetition. Poe portrays both the narrator and Annabel as young and pure; they possess an air of innocence, untainted by whim and wiles of adults: “She was a child and I was a child/but we loved with a love that was more than love” (lines 7, 9). This is paired with how the narrator sets the setting: the pureness of nature- their life by the sea sounds like a place where human life and love will thrive. “In this kingdom by the sea/With a love that that the winged seraphs of Heaven/Coveted her and me” (8, 11-12). It’s almost like all things In nature remind the narrator of Annabel. There’s almost a gothic element of setting. Living by the sea in a lonely place, isolated and sometimes desolate, turning the poem very remote. Regardless the narrator reminds us that he had Annabel, and she had him and they needed nothing more. They were sated by their love: “But we loved with a love that was more than love/-- I and my Annabel Lee—“(9, 10).
The narrator continues to put Annabel in the most heavenly light, almost god-like: he idolizes her.…

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