Annabel Lee By Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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It is thought that Poe’s life was shaped by the tragedies he endured through the loss of the ladies in his life. Poe shows his heartbreak through his poem “Annabel Lee”, his hardship in his life may have influenced him to write “Annabel Lee” as a poem about a lost lover. “Annabel Lee” was influenced by Edgar Allan Poe’s loss of his mother in his childhood, separation of his ex-fiancé and death of his wife.
Edgar Allan Poe begins the poem “Annabel Lee” discussing a maiden there named Annabel Lee. He tells the readers that they are lovers. Poe says that the angels above were jealous of the love they had for each other, so they killed his Annabel Lee. (Poetry Foundation) Even though Poe never clearly states who Annabel Lee is, the readers can assume that Poe is referring to his lost love, his wife. They can also assume that Poe is referring to the disease that took his wife away from him as the angels that also took Annabel Lee away from him.
Poe was born to actor parents in the early 1809, in Boston. His mother was Elizabeth Hopkins Poe, an actress, and his father, David Poe, was an actor. Edgar Allen Poe’s father abandoned him and his family in 1810. His mother died of Tuberculosis a year later. After Poe’s father and mother died, Poe was taken in by John Allan. (Academy of American Poets) Allan is thought to have been a successful Scottish merchant, who dealt in merchandise such as tobacco, furs, and even slaves. (The Famous People) Although Allan never formally adopted…

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