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104LON- Introduction to Organisational Behaviour

The Leadership Style of Anne Wintour

Nawid Obaydi

British born Anna Wintour, born on November 3rd 1948 is the current editor in chief of world renowned fashion magazine ‘Vogue’. Having started her career in fashion in the early 1970’s working at Harpers and Queen in London, Anna Wintour has decades of experience in the fashion industry and is seen as one of the most influential figures in the fashion world. Anna Wintour was born to a father who was editor of the ‘London Evening Standard’, it was quite clear that Anna adopted her stern and tough working attitude from her father who was known as ‘Chilly Charlie’ within the media world due to his cold demeanour quite like his daughter
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In order to understand Anna Wintour’s behaviour on a much more in-depth level, I decided to conduct a test of personality based on the ‘Big Five’ which consists of Extroversion, Neuroticism, Conscientiousness, Agreeableness and Openness. Due to her dominant presence and the fact that she is very opinionated, I believe she rates highly as being quite an extrovert as she displays signs of quality leadership and she is sociable. On the neuroticism scale, I would rate Anna Wintour quite a low rating due to the fact that she rarely displays signs of emotion or nervousness and her personality is fairly consistent. Anna Wintour would rate very highly on the conscientiousness scale because in order to become the prominent figure she is today she had to display signs of perseverance and hard work nonetheless she would receive low ratings on agreeableness as she is not cooperative or friendly but rather impatient and this would also be similar on her rating on the openness scale due to the fact that she is a very closed figure and does not like to be consulted by others around her except those she has known for a long time such as her creative director. By conducting the Big Five personality test, the results have shown that Wintour’s personality traits have generated and

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