Anna K. Was Offered Exceptional Scholarships For Her Marvelous Performance At School

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Anna K. was offered exceptional scholarships for her marvelous performance at school. As a college sophomore, the promising future had awaited her: peers treasured her achievements, and her parents anticipate for the day she would honor the whole family. Aiming to pursue a bachelor’s degree in a notable four-year university, she would soon become a skillful manager. Undoubtedly, Anna was entirely frantic when she had to postpone her academic path. She tried to recall what happened; it wasn’t her fault, or was it? All left in her head was on that late night, her boyfriend ran into her informing that his parents want him to study abroad in three weeks. Without any hesitation, she was there for him, and they stayed together all night at his place. One month after the day he left for Europe, Anna found out she was pregnant. Despite being let down, her parents assisted her for the financial needs. However, Anna began to lose her bearings for college. She could not concentrate in class and depressed by others’ abuses behind her back; regardless, she left school to prepare emotionally for the demand of maternity she’s about to face. Thus, the ambitions she once nurtures vanish, and Anna’s future is completely ruined.
Just like Anna, 1 out of 4 girls in the United States will be pregnant at least once by age 20. This striking fact gives us a broader view claiming that youngsters nowadays have little to no experience about sex, something they believe is “a stage to affirm…

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