Anna Akhmatova's Requiem Critical Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… “ No foreign sky protected me, no stranger’s wing shielded my face. I stand as witness to the common lot, survivor of that time, that place.”(DiYanni 2007, sixth edition pg.1041) All around the world people have experienced pain, whether it be physical or emotional. If it was in 1888 or 1966 suffering has no home, it freely wanders about, taking names and smashing hearts as it pleases, when it pleases most times it is indeed a common lot to …show more content…
931) Again I read, Anna Akhmatova from Requiem/Dedication wrote, “ Such grief might make the mountains stoop, reverse the waters where they flow, but cannot burst these ponderous bolts that block us from the prison cells crowded with mortal woe…. For some the wind can freshly blow, for some the sunlight fade at ease, but we, made partners in our dread, hear but the grating of the keys and heavy-booted soldiers tread.”
First things first, poetic significance of Requiem cannot be understood or appreciated without appreciation of the context in which the poems that make it up were created. Anna herself and unfortunately her family members, given the widely known paranoid horrors and excesses of the Stalinist regime, together with the fact that she had been recognized as an important poet during the czarist period (Russia) and had always refused to "write optimistic verse that glorified Soviet accomplishments." Only few people withstood this era in Russia and lived to tell about it. The stanza aforementioned, ties in with suffering because her grief was enough to stand out in her creative poetry than even she probably realized and at the same time, in her moment of life and the lives her family and her friends were being taken, she had to conceal her attitudes and beliefs, her distinguished way of living life was gone before her eyes, and hey had to stick together so she chose to stand up and show
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That moan, that sudden spurt of woman’s tears, shows one distinguished from the rest, as if they knocked her to the ground and wrenched the heart out of her breast, then let her go, reeling, alone.” Restating, just the epic feeling of hurt when you are inflicted and suffering., and so who has the honor and luxury of not ever knowing this emotion, possibly even at it’s worst like in Anna’s situation. No one is dismissed from adversity. Anna even goes so far to amplify in her poem, Dedication “ Where are they now , my nameless friends from those two years I spent in hell?” Oh, so there were

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