Anime And Anime Of Anime Essays

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Throughout the recent years, Japanese animation, specifically within the genre of anime and anime films, has been a steadily growing and dedicated following within American subculture. With the more popular anime being systematically introduced to the American public, creating “a massive expansion and organization of American fans of Japanese animation; clubs, conventions, and fanzines dedicated to anime and its fandom culture have sprung up on college campuses and in large cities all over the United States.” These fanatically dedicated fans have brought recognition and national attention to the growing anime phenomenon that spread throughout the States. Anime and anime fans have slowly developed a niche within the public sector, to a point that a lot of anime has become pop-culture phenomena, as opposed to a subculture nowadays.
It has developed to the point in which anime and the ilk are no longer solely Japanese, but have become transformed into an Americanized development. Japanese animation is being assimilated into a portion of Western culture, something that has not happened before, and has become a variation of its original work. These original Japanese pieces have become a hybrid of two cultures and American consumption is the perpetrator.
That is to say that, American anime fans are doing a great deal to bring about the takeover. They have dedicated time and resources to translating and subtitling storylines of the animation, creating more avenues to share anime,…

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