Essay on Animation Video : How The Birds Got Their Songs And Colors

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Animation Video - How the Birds got their songs and colours - ICT experience
Describe the experience:
Digital multimedia education provides opportunity for the children to develop new learning opportunities (The University of Sydney, 2016).
 ICT experience - ‘How the Birds got their songs and colours’ video allows children to enhance their positive thinking of indigenous culture and perspectives (ACARA, 2014).
 Visual arts to explore indigenous perspectives
 Making posters to explore indigenous identities
 Role play to experience Indigenous life style
6- 7years of age
Describe exactly what you will do with this experience:
The Animation video of ‘How the Birds got their songs and colours’ allows children to acquire cultural values, knowledge and beliefs of Aboriginal’s life (Commonwealth of Australia, 2015). This story enables children to experience Aboriginal people’s life environment and cultural heritage (Creative Sprits, 2015). Visual art, making posters and Dramatic play related to the story encourages children to understand the meaning of colours, circles, birds and animals used as indigenous symbols that linked to their history, land and culture. Encouraging children to involve in the above activities will also allow them to enhance their knowledge about Indigenous history, culture and perspectives (Miller, 2011).
Describe why this experience will help children learn about Indigenous history and culture: Through the Visual Art works, children will learn to…

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