Essay about Animals Should Not Have The Same Rights

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Animals are not in the right mind to be able to participate in regular human activity. They lack many of the physical things needed to be in this world. Animals do not understand how to do what humans do. " - Tom Brown Animals are here to help us, not to be treated like us. There are more than ten thousand species of animals. That would add about one billion to our population. The idea of giving animals the same rights as humans would make this world as we know it go crazy. I am going to be covering the following: Animals do not have the mind ability, and physical ability to think and do things necessary. Animals were created for the use of man, not to be equal to humans. Animals live by different "standards" that are not acceptable by the human race. Animals should not have the same rights that humans have. Animals do not have the mind and physical ability to be able to make decisions, and to think for themselves. Rose Black once said, " The mind of an animal is simple. They only think about food, and sleep, and that they need to use the restroom, or in their case, go where ever." In today 's world, we use computers, and phones on the daily. Being able to use such products requires in most cases fingers, and the ability to learn how to use them. The animal race does not have those necessary things. Another aspect about living in the twenty first century like we do, is being able to drive a car, and open a door, and use public bathrooms. The bodies of most animals do not…

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