Animals Should Not Be Used For Human Consumption Essay

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“Pigs in tiny crates suffer beyond anything most of us can easily image these extremely social and intelligent animals lose their minds from being denied any social or psychological situation at all”(Ryan Gosling).Humans eating meat go back about 2.5 million years. The started to eat meat in order to survive in the environment.When humans switched to meat-eating, they triggered a genetic change that enabled better processing of fats. Meat and marrow are calorie-dense resources with essential amino acids and micronutrients , and aquatic fauna offer resources rich in nutrients needed for brain growth. Increasing the consumption of animal foods could have allowed hominids to increase their body size without losing mobility, agility, or sociality. But the real question is should animals be used for human consumption. Animals should not be used for human consumption because animals are no longer needed to eat to survive, animals are treated cruelly and the animal agriculture is destructive to the environment. Animals should not be used for human consumption because animals are treated cruelly. In today’s factory farms, animals are crammed by the thousands into filthy, windowless sheds and stuffed into wire cages, metal crates, and other torturous devices. These animals will never raise their families, root around in the soil, build nests, or do anything that is natural and important to them. Most won’t even feel the warmth of the sun on their backs or breathe fresh air until…

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