Animals Should Not Be Banned Animals Essay

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Since the 1970’s, people have progressively begun to realize how important it is to provide animals with their natural rights as inhabitants of the earth.
In many aspects of life, humans use animals as nothing more than objects for their own benefit. It is obvious that animals can not be given the same rights as humans, since that would indicate that animals must also be held to the same standards, have the same duties, and receive the same punishments as humans, but animals can at least be given respect and kindness as any other life on Earth would receive. The simple fact is that humans must learn to take animals’ rights into consideration in order for life on earth to flourish.
As most people are aware, some of the most popular uses of animals for the benefit or consumption of humans are food and clothing. Humans have evolved throughout thousands of years to be able to consume animals, as they can be great sources of protein and other essential dietary requirements. Unfortunately, with the demand for meat only growing as time goes by, humans have begun treating animals less and less humane in order to satisfy the population of carnivores. The vast-majority of the meat that is sold in stores is acquired via slaughterhouses, or “factory farms.” A factory farm is defined as a “large-scale operation that houses thousands of animals raised for food” (“11 Facts About Animals and Factory Farms). There is a reason that factory farms do not have windows. The way animals are…

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