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How many animals are used each year for animal testing? The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection believes there to be about 10 to 11 million experimented on in the United Kingdom, and the United States Department of Agriculture has tested upon 1,137,718 animals, not including mice or rats, in 2002 (Bidnall n. pag.). These statistics are only from two countries throughout this entire planet, which entirely surpasses prudency. Animals are not lesser than humans because they do not

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Some medications and vaccines have been created in the past through this testing. A polio vaccine was the result of animal research and testing, which without, polio would still take thousands of human lives each year. “There could have been no oral polio vaccine without the use of innumerable animals, a very large number of animals,” Albert mentioned to a reporter before his demise in 1993. Multiple vaccines being created today need the animal experiments to prove them safe before supplying them to today’s children (Sabin n. pag.). Although this may be true there are other methods of testing. Various medications and vaccines were not created by animal testing. Many of these methods of animal experimentation have not even helped link cancer and smoking. Epidemiological studies, not dealing with animals, linked heart disease and cholesterol. Many of the animal tested medications have been taken off the market or relabeled due to side effects that weren’t shown on the animals. Even the AIDS research using primates has shown a high level of failure. Scientists should use more reliable techniques to do this form of research, such as vitro testing, modeling studies, and clinical research. Animal testing is only used because it is lucrative (Greek n. pag.). Companies are even beginning to realize the issue with the animal testing. For the past thirteen years that
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