Animals Are Used For Testing Essay

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The Merriam-Webster 's Collegiate Dictionary defines a right as “ a power of privilege to which one is justly entitled”(Animal Rights… para 1). When it comes to animal testing, there has always been a foggy line between what is beneficial and what is justified torture. Many questions have been raised as to where do we, as humans, draw the line. How do we know which rights these animals should and should not be entitled to? "The Humane Society of the United States estimates that more than twenty-five million animals are used in scientific testing and research each year"(Animal… para 1). Animals are used for testing in countless different ways. Whether it is for cosmetic or medical research, almost all of the experiments lead back to some form of human benefit. While many people oppose animal testing, it is still prevalent in today 's society, even as animal’s rights continue to progress and become clearer in all fields of research as they have been for the past several millenia.
Animals have been used in research for almost as long as humans have been making medical advances. Animal trials have always been more widely accepted than human testing. Edward Jenner, the man who developed the first smallpox vaccine, used diseased animal tissue to experiment with different injections (Animal… para 4). Just like Jenner, many other scientists made advances with the help of animal tissue. Many older scientists had very different and distinct views when it came to animal research.…

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