Animals Are Being A Human Essay

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Animals are thought to be separate from humans. However, they both are in the animal kingdom, and even as mammals they share certain characteristics: they are vertebrates, endothermic, have body hair, and mammary glands. These characteristics are what relates animals to humans. Although, there are various aspects which distinguishes an animal from a human. Humans are self-conscious beings, who have emotions, language, a complex thought process, and philosophical thinking. These are the key distinctive qualities of being a human. This claim that animals are “outside” of the human overlooks the fact that humans express animalist behavior and even have to repress animalist behavior in order to act and be a human. Humans have to control themselves from acting like animals and are then expected to behave as humans. Relating to the constraint put on humans to contain their animalist behaviors inside, so must a city have to maintain the chaos inside the city and must prevent any chaos from entering from the outside of the city. The order of the city is maintained by keeping the foreigners outside of the city, while the order of being human is maintained by suppressing the animalistic behavior. Plato utilizes the dialogue, Phaedrus, to distinguish a separation between inside and outside of the city. Euripides also engages his play, Bacchae, with the distinction of inside and outside: inside and outside the city, and the animals inside and outside the humans. The inside and outside…

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