Animals, Animals And Other Wildlife Of All Different Kinds Essay

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Since the first days of human existence, mankind has shared this planet with animals and other wildlife of all different kinds. Although technology has progressively advanced since the start of civilization, viewing animals as purposive and instrumental is nothing of a new concept. For centuries, humans have utilized animals for the basic necessities of living: food, clothing, transportation, and even shelter. It is safe to say that without the existence of animals, there may be no existence of humans. The pressing question that has been in conversation for some time now, however, is when the idea of animals as being purposive is taken too far. In modern day, we have taken advantage of our capabilities, and have controlled other living creatures without respect and by unconventional means. It is not uncommon to see companies testing their products on animals, different species from all over the world being taken out of their natural habitat for our entertainment, or even humans destructing their homes and exploiting their resources for our economic and general lifestyle benefits. It is important to move towards an ethical approach for viewing the relationship between humans and animals and their rights.

Thesis: The lives of animals are just as valuable as human life, if not more valuable at times; Emphasizing speciesism, Peter Singer shows us that animals are very equal to humans.

Body 1: Singer’s Argument
- Peter Singer claims that it is wrong to assume any sort…

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