Animal 's Place By Michael Pollan Essay

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The agricultural/food industry has been in many argument about how animals and crops are being raised and killed to feed the american people. Michael Pollan uses his selection “An Animal’s Place” to defend his right to eat as he pleases. While, Blake Hurst uses his article “The Omnivore’s Delusion” to shield post-modern farming techniques from a mass of uneducated critics. Now, read as these two duke it out against their opponents to see if they can live as they want.

Michael Pollan, a writer/activist, fights for his right to animals as he sees fit. First, Pollan proclaims multiple points about how animals are different from animals. One being that animals eat other animals in nature, and so Pollan questions why can’t we do the same. He then reitterates this by saying,” Animals kill one another all the time. Why treat animals any more ethically than they treat one another?”(Pollan 365) This shows how the author feels about that human treatment towards animals are very harsh. Then, Pollan suggest that animals are better off in farms than in the wild. He follows this up by saying that,” domesticated animals can’t survive in the wild; in fact, without us they wouldn’t exist at all”(Pollan 365). The author has shown that without human being some animals that have domesticated would not exist today. Next, Pollan talks about how animal pain is a real problem ,but should not the problem of the people come before. Pollen readdresses the topic by saying that,” suffering of…

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