Animal 's Place By Michael Pollan Essay

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Animal cruelty has always been a challenge that gets overlooked by society in the food market. Many people do not take into consideration the life of the cow, chicken, or pig, and lots of other animals, while enjoying their juicy hamburger, chicken leg, and bacon. “An Animal’s Place” by Michael Pollan argues about animal liberation while using support from Peter Singer’s “Animal Liberation” book. Peter Singer is pro animal rights and has converted lots and outs of people over to vegetarianism, while Michael Pollan loves steak and seeks to see if Singer could convert him as well. Our world changes consistently with the trends of our society, from the civil rights movements of blacks and women, to the legalization of gay marriage. Animal liberation is seen as the next logical step in our society but, we are far from it actually happening. The truth is we do not see anything of what is actually happening to the animals on large corporate farms and factories. This is something done on purpose to allow ourselves from feeling guilty of the suffering the animals go through in order to feed the consumer. Modern operations to harvest animals have become very inhumane over the last centuries. Even the meat we eat from these farms that are pumped full of preservatives and antibiotics do not get to live their full potential. These places are so corrupt it makes the animals sick to where they die because they cannot handle the stress (Pollan). Most animals never even get to see…

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