Animal Trafficking Essay

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Register to read the introduction… In 2002, seventeen people were indicted in Mexico on animal trafficking charges and paid hefty fines of five hundred eighty thousand dollars (National Geographic News). The largest animal smuggler in the world is Vixay Keosavang from Hong Tong, Laos. This gentleman operates out of Laos due to the loose laws on animal smuggling in that country. Laotian laws state that under the pretense that these animals are bred in captivity and therefore, in many cases can be sold legally. South African authorities prosecuting a case of rhinoceros horn smuggling say one of Mr. Vixays companies, Xaysavang Trading, perpetrated “One of the biggest swindles in environmental crime history,” circumventing the law by hiring people to pose as hunters, who are allowed to kill a limited number of rhinos as trophies (New York Times). In a separate case, Kenyan officials tied the company to the smuggling of elephant tusks for the ivory trade. “Mr. Vixay is the single largest known illegal wildlife trafficker in Asia,” said Steve Galster, the executive director of Freeland, a counter trafficking organization that has been trailing Vixay for eight years.”He runs an aggressive business, sourcing lucrative wild animals and body parts wherever they are easily obtained. Every country with commercially valuable wildlife should beware.(New York …show more content…
For instance the popular way to transport birds is to again wrap them in cloth and hide them in sewn pouches into the waist of ones pants. If fellow airline passengers pay more attention at airports, more traffickers could be put behind bars. In 2002, in Los Angelas a man returning from Bangkok Thailand was apprehended at customs for trying to sneak in two endangered pygmy monkeys, in his underwear. Not only did this man have two very rare monkeys but when his luggage was opened birds of paradise flew out into the airport, he also had fifty very rare orchids as well (National Geographic Kids). On a flight bound to America from the Republic of Congo, a man smuggled a crocodile on board a flight. The plane crashed and killed twenty of the twenty one passengers on board due to the reptile escaping from the duffel bag, passengers and crew panicked, according to the news report. The sole survivor says the reptile survived the crash but was later killed with a machete. “Habitat loss is probably the main threat to the New World tropical animals, says Carlos Drew, a biologist for the Wildlife Fund in Costa Rica. “Wildlife trafficking and over exploration are probably second.”as one zoo director in Brazil told me, “There are no limits. You can buy whatever you want. Every species is for sale.(Smothosian

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