Animal Testing Should Not Be Used For Medical Research Essay

2029 Words Apr 5th, 2016 null Page
Imagine a world without vaccines, antibodies or even organ transplants. These are few out of the many medical wonders that resulted from animal testing. Animal testing has been around since the 500 B.C. It has contributed to humanity dramatically and made a huge impact on our lifestyle. As technology advances many argue that animal testing should not be used for biomedical research because it is humane, the truth of the matter is animal testing have and continues to contribute to not just biomedical research but to the house products, food and our entertainment.

The use of animals for medical experiment goes back thousands of years. Many researchers and scientist believes that animal testing is one of the most effective way for keeping humans safe from diseases with the use of medication. The article “____” by stated, One of the most noteworthy individual that used animals and prior knowledge of physics and mathematics for their experiment was William Harvey. He experimented on numerous animal species to demonstrate and provide the most accurate description of blood circulation and heart function at his time. The article also stated that Harvey believed “to learn and teach anatomy not from books but from dissection, not from the tenets of Philosophers but from the fabric of Nature.” His action had a significant impact on the field of science and medical. It inspired several researchers and scientists throughout Europe to use animals to make their experiment more effective.…

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