Essay on Animal Testing Should Not Be Banned

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Each day, everyday people are affected by products that have been approved through the means of either animal testing or other alternative methods. Each item a consumer purchases such as cosmetics, hair dye or lotions, the consumer is potentially promoting these particular companies, most of which condone their research on animals. Testing of any kind is done to ensure consumer safety of a product before it is marketed to the public. Animal activists question the use animals at all, while the opposing side argues that animal are the only choice. So which way of testing is right? Today most research is conducted using animals with the aid of alternatives. Why is it that neither procedure has dominated over the other? Are animals used as tests subjects outdated, and overused or, are alternative methods not able to produce? This controversial battle of conflicting views is based on ethics not shared between the two parties. Though each side, much like anything, has its own set of pros and cons of which are highly considered when siding between them. While animal tests can provide more information and is currently the most effective when determining consumer safety; alternatives have been proven to be more relevant in cases, and provide a more modern way of testing.
The approval of the FDA is not required for cosmetics before they are applicable to the public; nor does the FDA have specific regulations or requirements when approving cosmetics. The Food and Drug Administration…

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