Animal Testing Should Not Be Banned Essay examples

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Modern medicine can be referred to as a stupendous achievement by many. Certain types of aspirins and general medication have saved the lives of billions of people throughout the years. Many of these medicinal solutions have been heavily researched to make absolutely sure they will have the intended effect to treat illness and save lives. This process of testing however, is the subject of an overbearing movement dedicated to hinder the great progress that has been made. Animal testing is this subject. The idea is very simple, but highly controversial.
Supporters for it state “Animal testing has yielded countless medical breakthroughs and consumer safety innovations, and such research is essential to furthering scientific understanding” (Infobase Learning). The opposition is tough to refute because the benefits far outweigh any objections. However, this does not discourage supporters. Animal testing should remain as a staple solution to scientific advancement in medicine, because it has allowed us to save the lives billions of people, has no rival in its ability to create results on a whole-body system, and has been the cause for the most substantial medicinal and cosmetic safety discoveries of the modern era.
Animal Testing has yielded the greatest discoveries of modern medicine, and many examples of this can be found everywhere you look. The California Biomedical Research Association states that nearly every medical breakthrough in the last 100 years has resulted directly…

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