Essay about Animal Testing Should Not Be Banned

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Animal Testing Millions of animals are being used for medical and beauty products, along with biology lessons and medical training exercises, which is causing the animals to live their lives full of fear and torture. Although, it is known that animal testing is wrong, there are limited regulations to stop it, so this topic can get to be very controversial. Background on a topic can change a person’s point of view because it gives knowledge that they might not have. More than 100 million animals suffer and die every year, but only 5% of the animals are protected by the federal Animal Welfare Act (Peta, ProCon). Out of that 100 million, approximately 26 million of those animals are used for commercial and scientific testing (ProCon). The main reason animals are used is because of their very short life spans, which can show how certain medicines, or drugs can affect the life of a person after taking the pill (ProCon). Along with the testing not working, it costs a lot of money. A huge percentage of taxpayers, health charities, and the federal government money is wasted on terrible, miserable animal testing (Peta). Although, it costs a lot the money could also be looked at as money going towards helping people from dangerous life-threatening diseases. In the May 2013 Gallup poll, the researchers found that the group of people less likely to accept animal testing were younger americans (ProCon). Many countries have banned the use of animals for cosmetic testing, because it is…

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