Animal Testing Should Not Be Banned Essay

1560 Words Dec 5th, 2016 7 Pages
For most people there are two scenarios that come to mind when they hear animal testing. The first scenario is that scientist are torturing, neglecting and abusing the animals that are being tested on. The other scenario is that scientist are being ethical, take care of the animals and are creating life-saving medicines. This makes the use of animals in experiments a controversial topic; a topic that isn’t quite black and white when argued. There are different types of animal testing like, medical testing and cosmetic testing; one is more ethical than the other. Medical testing on animals help us gain more knowledge about different chemicals and medicines, but can be harmful to the animals, making it inhumane. On the other side, our knowledge to advance medicine and technology will dwindle if animal testing is banned. But cosmetic testing isn’t ethical and is unnecessary in society. Testing on animals for cosmetic products isn’t absolutely required or needed. For hundreds of years, using animals for testing on different products has been controversial from extremist to moderate protesting of different organizations. Most organizations don’t realize the how beneficial animal testing is and how much the scientists do care about the animals. In contrast, some companies don’t realize when animal testing is not needed. Animal testing has more than just two scenarios that follow how ethical the testing is. Animal testing has been around for centuries, dating back to Aristotle,…

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