Essay about Animal Testing Should Not Be Banned

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Animals and testing matter.
Various man made products and medicines are brought to consumers every year by way of product testing on animals. These processes have causes alarm and concern for those who believe animals may be endangered by these testing processes. The industry backs their animal testing processes and procedures as non-harmful to the test subjects. The concerns of those who believe animals are being harmed and those who believe they are not harming animals a clearer understanding of the various views will prove helpful in understanding and improving the process of animals being used to test products for human use.
To begin it should be noted that since 500 B.C. testing has been applied to animals in many different forms. Prior to reading this paper one should take into consideration that animals are living, breathing, & functioning beings. Animal testing cannot be denied or hidden, and when these two actions are attempted they should 've addressed. The use of animal testing has become like someone who has too much access to something and begins to abuse that something because they know there is more available; it has become excessive. The word excessive simply means: “more than is necessary, normal, or desirable; immoderate.” When something takes up the role of excessiveness it only causes problems. All animal testing should be reduced and used only in dire situations. In the U.S. twenty-six million animals are used in testing every year. The law does not…

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