Animal Testing Should Be Banned Essays

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“In terms of harm, pain, suffering and death, this constitutes one of the major moral issues of our time” (Goodman). Animals tested on suffer from these experiments. When they are tested on, some of the effects of the experiments harm them in different ways. Now, the topic of animal testing is growing to be a big conflict in the U.S. They experience many difficult situations in research laboratories. Animals are not treated as they should be. Although testing on animals help find cures and treatments for illness like disease, animals should have the right of not being tested on for scientific research in the U.S. Historically, researchers have tested on animals to find the effects of their experiments. Animal testing and research have found many treatments humans use today and used to make safe cosmetics. Now, the argument has grown to a controversy of whether the animals have the right to be tested on or not. For example, animal tests have helped researchers find treatments for many diseases like Hepatitis C and Alzheimer 's. Scientists today are still trying to find ways to cure disease and other illnesses. “Further proof of this came on Wednesday with news in the journal Nature that a drug to fight Ebola had showed remarkable success when tested on rhesus monkeys” (Trull). Animal testing is used to help find cures and treatments for disease, illness and injuries. This shows researchers have tested and found a better way to help fight Ebola. In the past, scientists used…

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