Animal Testing Should Be Banned Essay

1963 Words Jan 4th, 2016 8 Pages
Animal Testing Over 100 million animals are brutally killed by cosmetic or medical experiments every year. Rats, rabbits dogs, cats, mice, and many other animals have chemicals purposely rubbed in their eyes or on their skin just to see if a product is safe to use on humans. So many animals are test subjects in the United States each year for products that aren’t even necessary. Sure, lots of women (and men) like wearing makeup, but it is not an absolute necessity. Only 2% of human diseases occur naturally in animals, so researchers have to find ways to give animals an artificial disease. In some cases like this, scientists fake heart disease in animals by tightening a wire around one of the coronary arteries. They have also found ways to give animals cancer. The LD50 test is one of the most common experiments used on animals. It is used to test how much of a substance will kill half of the tested animals. A recurring problem is that animals and humans don’t share all of the same attributes, so the tests may not even be accurate. Sure, sometimes the experiments will produce successful results, but nine out of ten drugs deemed safe for animals are toxic to humans. Animals that are going to be tested have terrible and unrealistic lives from the day they are born until they are cut open on a lab table. The animals are locked in crowded cages their whole lives, unable to roam free or interact with any other living things. Most tested animals never get to experience sunlight or…

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