Animal Testing Should Be Banned Essay

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Introduction It is getting close to everyone’s favorite time of the year, oh yes spring cleaning. Most likely everyone’s cleaning their bathroom with Clorox and spraying their house with Febreze, but little do people know these products were tested on thousands of animals before being put into their house.There are little fluffy bunnies out there being burned just to have our houses smell a little cleaner. Animal rights has always been a problem that has always been ignored. Animals do not need to be trapped in cages they need to be free and live the way the world wants them to live (“Animal Testing”). 100 million animals are being abused and used each year with no way of defending themselves (“Alternatives to Animal Testing”).
Definition of the Problem
When a company wants to test their product to see if it is safe they usually end up testing it on stuff to make it sure it 's safe, well the problem is it is most likely the product is being tested on animals. Animals are being used to test these products for safety like medication, cosmetics, drugs, food additives, supplements, household products pesticides, and industrial chemicals (Murnaghan). They have to make sure these products are safe for humans to use so they are crowded by chemicals their whole life. Some animals get stuff poured into their eyes to see if it does damage, and when the product does they just change up the product and do it again on multiple animals. If these animals get too sick or die from the…

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