Animal Testing Saves Lives Essay

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Animal Testing Saves Lives Animals have been used for testing by scientists for many decades. The research that has been gathered from animals has surpassed anything scientists could hope for. So why would such a highly debatable topic arise from such great accomplishments? Scientists use animals to test a theory and then alter their theories based upon the valuable information gathered from each experiment. Animal rights activists believe that animals are used for pointless tests and suffer tremendously. They tend to look aside from the facts that animals have given millions around the world a new outlook on life, and would rather see only the negative side effects of animal testing which far outweighs the positive things animal testing …show more content…
But these studies are rarely enough to know how individual molecules, cells or tissues behave. This is why animal testing is needed because the information gained from them shows more about how the living body interacts and how they are controlled rather than just a few aspects of the body. For example, if a drug is developed to fight the flu virus, many doctors and patients would want to know if there were any possible side effects, so with the testing done on mammals first this would give doctors the best possible decision for their patient." Many human diseases are also found in other animals like heart disease, cancer and asthma (Berlin 1)." When cancer was first researched, 440 people in Britain died in a year from cancer, three of the 440 people were children under the age of fifteen. But through animal research two main advances have increased the chances of survival. The first breakthrough is the development of radiotherapy, which is used to kill the tumor cells without causing much damage to the rest of the body. The second advancement was chemotherapy which is a drug that helps kill the rapidly dividing cancer cells. Neither one of these treatments would have been possible without the help of animals. So for every 700 people in the U.K. with cancer, 500 of them will live for about another five more years because of these medical advances. Still not convinced animal activist believe that animal suffering still does not amount to anything

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