Animal Testing Persuasive Speech

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When we use shampoo, detergent, and other cosmetics, it is difficult to think about the pain animals experience in testing these products. Many people buy cosmetics or detergent without any ideas about whom, or what the products were tested on. But when they realize the truth of animal experimentation, most of people will easily say that they don’t agree with it.

Process of animal experimentation

Animal experimentation is arrogant and incredibly cruel. Do you think animals are treated well when they are used for experimentation? When cosmetics like moisturizers are tested, the animals don’t just get their skin rubbed with moisturizer. Let’s talk about the eye irritation test. This test is usually done on rabbits. They can’t move because their heads are locked in tiny cages. Their eyelids are slightly cut to prevent them from blinking, and then chemicals keep pouring into their eyes. These rabbits suffer through this test for one week. It is for one week. Can you believe it? They bleed, and their eyes are damaged. They sometimes get broken
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Those things will never have as much value as animals have. What about in the case of medical experimentation? Medical researchers try to find ways to cure for diseases such as cancer or HIV from animal experimentation. Most people would think these are important cases because they are related to our lives. On the other hand, they would think testing cosmetics on animals is wrong. When I first saw YouTube videos about animal experimentation for medical study, I was surprised because animals were being kept in tiny cages, and treated like objects. They weren’t treated as animals at all. It was so shocking because they also can feel emotion, experience pain and think. I didn’t expect something cruel like those tests. But the more I watched, the more I was surprised at how these animals were exposed and horribly

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