The Morality Of Animal Testing

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What is okay to do in the name of science and its advances? The debate on animal testing has always been around but more and more people are starting to disagree with it. So if so many people disagree with it, why is animal testing still happening? There are places like China where it is actually illegal not to test on animals before selling cosmetics to the public and other places like Europe where it is completely illegal to test on animals for cosmetics. So who’s right? There is the morality in testing animals or is doing something not so good to benefit the mass. Currently animal testing in the United States is regulated by the Animal Welfare Act, this excludes birds, rats and mice bred for research, cold-blooded animals, and farm animals(ProCon). …show more content…
Well animal testing has saved the lives of millions due to creating vaccines. Polio and diabetes are a few of the top diseases that used we used animals to help with, we created the polio vaccine and have almost eliminated the the disease; we used dogs to create the insulin we now use to save the lives of many which include my grandparents and stepfather. Not only do animal testing help people it helps animals we used animal testing to help feline leukemia, there are now vaccines to prevent the disease for cats. Another vaccine made from animal testing is for parvo which kills so many puppies every year(“Benefits of..”). Parvo and feline leukemia are not the only diseases we’ve prevented animals from getting sick from (with the help of animal testing) the list goes on and on from rabies to e-coli. Animal testing is also done on animals that are already sick and give them the best veterinarians to try help them at no cost but to try the newest treatment for the disease( Ulrich). Using already sick animals changes the percentage of the failure rate of successfully animal tested product on humans from ninety-two percent failure to all the way down to the thirties( Ulrich). Using already sick animals gets better results and is much cheaper, about 117 million cheaper per drug trial, both the scientist and dog owner win with this way of testing (Ulrich). So what is the harm in using already sick animals to test out the latest vaccine or

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