Animal Testing Is Unethical For Mankind Research Essay example

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Animal Testing is Unethical for Mankind Research Animal experimentation is unethical, unnecessary and unreliable. Animal Experimentation has existed for thousands of years. Within the years Animal Experimentation has created many conversational conflicts about the ethics with testing animals. Yes, animal experimentation has helped mankind with researching new medicines, but now it is the twenty first century, a new era, animal testing is becoming outdated and unreliable. Time has come to eliminate the use of animals in experiments and expand testing with new technologies that allows effective, positive results.

Outcomes of experimenting with animals include unreliable results, unnecessary torture upon animals, and results from testing an animal can be different than mankind’s result. Results such as, “These medicines could affect and harm us because some medicines have a different affect on us than in animals.” (Ballringer) It’s time to terminate the use of animals for scientific research. New advanced technologies are compelling the need of animals in research.

Using animals in experiments is unethical. Unethical use of animals is extremely unusual and cruel treatment towards animals. “Animal experimentation practices are unthinkable and in terms of pain, harm, suffering, and death, this constitutes one of major moral issues of our time...” States Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics. As of moral issues and debates which are prolonged by spokesmen such as Professor…

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