Animal Testing Is Cruel And Unreasonable ! Essay

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Animal testing is cruel and unreasonable! Animals are a total different species, than humans.(6 Major Pros and cons of animal research) What may work for humans, may cause animals ' problems or even in some cases, death.(Animal testing cons what every person should know.) Not only is testing on animals risky, its cost is dramatically higher! No one understands the abundant amount of money that goes into these researches. The bad thing is that the amount of money being used on testing these poor innocent animals could be put toward new technology. The new technology could save animals and human lives. Today there are many new types of tests. These tests could be more beneficial to new medications and cosmetics.
Animals should not have to be put on the spot to save humans. Animals are capable of feeling and enduring as much pain as humans do! Why make them suffer for research that may not even work? However, most of the time animal testing is considered a waste of time, money, and underprivileged animals ' lives.(Arguments against animal testing)Most animals cannot endure the chemicals or toxins in either cosmetic or medical experiments. Most cases of animal testing ends in a horrifying site meaning that most of the time the animals do not make it. What is our government doing? The lives of these poor animals are going to waste! Things need to be modified, experiments need to end! Also, new technology needs to be brought up and used.
Animals that are being used for testing are…

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