Animal Testing Is Cruel And Cruel Essay

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Imagine being poked and prodded. Then being injected with an unknown substance that makes you feel different. And this same process goes on and on for multiple different injections. On top of the many injections your receiving your also food and water deprived. You are also placed in a physical restraint for prolonged periods of time that often leads to multiple injuries. Eventually you’re scared of everything, if it moves you scream, if it comes close to you, you scream. But guess what, you didn’t sign up for this. And neither do they. And in 2013 97,123 animals went through these miserable proses with no anesthesia for relief. Animal testing is inhuman and cruel and the animals used in those experiments didn’t sign up for that.
With new discoveries, we have learned that animals aren’t needed anymore for testing. We have discovered that in vitro testing is producing more relevant results because you can use human cells instead of animal cells. Human volunteers can even be used for microdosing, in which a dose, too small to cause a reaction, is administered. Then the blood of the volunteer is analyzed. Artificial skin that is grown in test tubes or plastic wells is producing more results when tested with chemicals then the animal skin. Computers are also being used to replace animal testing. Computer models can predict the outcome of invasive experiments without having to be invasive.
While animals and humans both may be mammals, our make-up is still very different. Which…

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