Animal Testing Is Cruel And Cruel Animals Essay

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Animal testing has been an issue in today 's society for several years. Animals have been used for research in producing new treatments for diseases. Using animals for research experiments is the only alternative way of learning the human body without injuring humans. While people may argue that animals lives are at risk by testing on them, insinuating that animal life is more valuable than human life. The use of animals in research experiments is problematic because it is animal cruelty. Furthermore, the results after testing for vaccines and cures can be effective in animals but not in humans. To solve this problem of harming animals in research scientist could use the other sources they have available, specifically by using stem cells in a petri dish and human volunteers. Animal testing is cruel and brutal to animals. This has always been an issue for many animal right activists because animal testing scientist do not believe in animal rights. In the New York Times article on animals being used for scientific research experiments, the author talks about the animals being neglected in research labs. “According to Humane Society International, animals used in experiments are commonly subjected to force feeding, forced inhalation, food and water deprivation, prolonged periods of physical restraint, the infliction of burns and other wounds to study the healing process, the infliction of pain to study its effects and remedies, and "killing by carbon dioxide…

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