Essay on Animal Testing Is Bad?

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Animals Testing is Bad? Bioscience and technology have been advanced developed contributing on helping better human life. As a matter of fact, before distributing a new medicine, scientists have to use many tests to evaluate whether the new medicine is good or how bad it affect to human health or any other side effect might occur. Then, animals are science’s targets experiment .From this point, there are two controversial arguments on using animals for testing. One is support to use animal for testing, while other side totally disagree on this experiment. In this essay, the author will provide his idea in favor of supporting the opposing side that people should not use animal for testing. One of the first reason that we should not use animal for testing because testing on animals cannot completely generate all the toxicity from medicine. Traditionally, scientists have been using animal as an experiment model for testing toxicity for drugs, pesticides, food activities and cosmetics. Because of that, for example, there were 2300 animals were used in skin and eye irritation test (Driscoll, 2014) which represents only a small section in science experiment. It turns out that there are many millions of animal have been killed for testing, as the PETA International Science Consortium (PISC) reported that REACH – the largest animal testing programme, has used of more than 50 million animals (Driscoll, 2014). Although it is true to acknowledge that animals testing have provided…

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