Animal Testing Is Animal Cruelty Essay

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Taylor Petty
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Mr. Adamoschek
Is it cruel to use Animals to Test Human products?
Approximately 225 million animals are used for testing every year. Billions have been killed in the process. ("Questions and Answers About Biomedical Research.”) How can this be allowed? Isn’t it cruel to use animals to test products for humans? Many animal rights activists say, “yes” to this question. However, scientists argue it is necessary and animal research can help save human lives. There are probable arguments for both sides. But the dangers of using animals to test products for human use weighs an even greater risk than not using the animals. Alternatives are much more ethical.
Over the years, scientists have used
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Other times animals aren’t only used in medical research but to test the toxicity and reactions to other products. Some of these products include floor wax or cleaning detergents. The method in which they use to do this is called the “LD Test” or “Lethal Dose Test”. Scientists inject various substances into the stomachs of animals and monitor reactions such as vomiting, convulsions, respiratory illness and paralysis. These LD injections are not stopped being given until one half of the animals in the test group have died. Keep in mind test groups usually consist of fifty animals. Twenty-five die in every test done and many that survive remain very ill. ("Stop Testing Household Products on Animals - LD 50 Test On Animals.") Another test done is called vivisection. (“The truth about vivisection”) Vivisection is a surgery done on an organism with a living internal structure, which is viewed as a form of torture. No pain killers or anesthesia is given in the process. Young scientists learn early on from superiors to not show emotion towards the practice. Emotions would indicate some kind of immorality in the practice showing there is something wrong about it. However, in order for jobs to not be reduced scientists have to keep a “proper” mindset and not fold to the “enemies” ways of believing. (“The truth about vivisection”) At the end of an experiment the animals that are still living are usually

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