Animal Testing For Medical Research Essay

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Animals play an invaluable role in medical research. Countless medical discoveries have been made possible because of animal test subjects. They have contributed to the development of medications used to treat asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure and many other diseases. "Research in the last few decades has also begun to tackle some of the more difficult medical problems such as heart disease, depression, and newly emerged infections such as HIV, and many cancers.”
Despite these benefits, animals rights activists maintain ethical doubts about using animals as test subjects. They claim that animals undergo unnecessary pain when they are used in experiments.
However, while some scientific studies have concluded that animals do feel pain, others show that the cerebral cortex: the part of the brain that perceives pain , differs in animals. It decreases in size, moving down the evolutionary chain, from humans to animals. Even if animals have to capacity to feel pain, humans posses higher mental capacities than animals. This means that humans experience a more complex, intense pain.

From a utilitarian perspective, animals are treated ethically in medical research. Utilitarianism is a consequentialist theory. It says that the consequences of an action decide if that action is good or bad. Therefore, utilitarianism is compatible with the practice of using animals in medical research. Animal research benefits mankind. In research, medical benefits outweigh harms caused…

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