Animal Testing For Medical Research Essay

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Most people would agree that harming an animal is a cruel act to commit. Others believe that animal testing should be allowed because new human and animal related cures have been discovered by conducting the experiments. Some may think that since we are humans and animals are not, we have higher authority over the animals. Some people have protested, started movements and other organizations to try and stop animal experimenting. These innocent creatures are being tortured daily so we must step in and put an end to these disgraceful animal experimentations. Animal testing for medical research is wrong because of the lethal results, inhumane treatment, and lack of different testing methods.
Animal experimentation allows the conduction of extremely painful life threatening procedures to be done on animals for scientific reasons, which is inhumane and should no longer be a use for medical research. For instance, the article “Animal Experimentation Hampers Medical Research” announced,
Consider the case of osteoarthritis, a human degenerative disease resulting in painful deformities of the joints. In order to mimic human lameness in dogs, cats, sheep and pigs, researchers beat the joints of animals with hammer blows, inject them with irritating liquids, subject them to ionising radiation and/or dislocate them. (Thomas)
The prior quote represents what kind of treatment is inflicted upon the animals while they are being experimented on. Many agree that using animal test subjects…

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