Animal Testing For Medical Advancement Essay

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Animal testing for medical advancement Each of theses four editorials shared a common theme of those for and against animal testing for medical advancements. Three out of the four authors shared their view supporting animal testing, in addition using the history of animal testing to inform and persuade their audience. While only one author expresses their view against using animals to further medical research. Some of these pieces were more effective than others. Beginning with the editorial by the executive director of Northwest Association for Biochemical research, Ken Gordon. Gordon persuades his readers with his first hand experience, regarding the treatment of animals in research labs. Opening with his support towards animal research, while still having respect for the animal activist community. In any persuasive editorial Gordon expresses his confidence in the researchers that conduct the experiments. Gordon also sheds light on the stereotypes aimed towards research stating “The stereotype is that researchers are callous, non caring and sociopathic……which is not close to the truth” (Gordon). Furthermore Gordon gives credit towards animal activists for pushing to enhance the treatment towards animals. In reassurance to his activist readers ,Gordon includes that federal regulators strictly oversee the researchers to secure the animal protection. Thus concluding with his thesis defending the importance of animal research. Gordon clearly expresses the purpose of this…

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