Argumentative Essay-It's Time To Stop Animal Testing

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Animal testing has been carried out by researchers for many years all over the world for medical advancement and products. Animal rights activists and researchers robustly debate both sides of animal testing. Involuntary animals are tortured and killed in an inhumane way to benefit humans. The malicious treatment of animals for research is unprincipled. The problem in using animals for research is they have no voice or rights to decline the unethical torture and suffering they endure in an inhumane way which inevitably leads to their unnecessary death. The solution is to stop animal testing for research, because medicine and cosmetic products can be advanced with technology of today.
Scientists carry out barbaric acts on millions of involuntary animals in the name of research all over the world. The defenseless animals are mistreated, tortured and killed in an inhumane way. “The animals are confined to cages, waiting for the torture to begin. Then, they can often be restrained in devices for hours, and are exposed to horrors like having their skin burned off or inhaling toxic fumes. These cruel practices will often lead to the animal's death” (Consumers Should Take Action). No animal of any kind
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There are many solutions to end animal testing for scientific research and cosmetic purposes. According to Jessica Mendoza, “The aptly named “organs on chips,” developed by researchers at Harvard’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, mimic on the microscale the functions of human organs such as the heart, lungs, and intestines, which would allow scientists to test drugs and cosmetics at less cost, less time, and without the use of animals” (How “Organs-on-Chips” Could End Animal Testing). There are other alternatives to research and testing on animals. Humans need moral standards in regards to living, non-human species. Peter Singer and Bernard Unti

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