Essay on Animal Testing And The Medical Field

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Ineffectiveness of Animal Testing in the Medical Field
Experimenting on animals for knowledge in the scientific field is not something newly developed. Aristotle in 300 BC was known for dissecting animals and then making hypotheses about what he discovered in their anatomy. Even in current modern society, learning is done through animal experimentation and dissection. Almost as if a rite of passage, most students in high school will dissect either a worm or cat to help with their learning process and to develop their skill in the scientific method. Some scientists still believe in using animal testing for new drugs, drugs that are put on the market for the general populace to consume. However, in medical research, using animals for trials is a very controversial method. This paper will discuss the negative impacts and ineffectiveness of using animals for medical research. Such as the ethical problems with animal testing and the consequences of those problems in regards to the results as well as the more modern effective alternative methods of animal testing.
There are many animal rights groups that openly advocate for the abolishment of animal testing. Many individuals involved in animal rights believe that the results from animal testing are "at best misleading and at worst positively dangerous for humans"(Grayson vii). PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is one of these groups who describes the treatment of the animals as forcing the animals to live "a…

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