Animal Teeth Essay

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Elizabeth Lancaster Spring 2013

3rd Grade Science – Animal Teeth Continuation
PDE SAS State Standards:
S3.A.2.1.1: Generate questions about objects, organisms, or events that can be answered through scientific investigations.
S3.A.2.1.2: Make predictions based on observations.
S3.B.1.1.2: Classify living things based on their similarities and differences.
Essential Question:

What is an observation? How do you infer information from an observation? Why do scientists study animal’s teeth? What can an animal’s teeth tell us about the animal?

Student Objectives:
Students will review their knowledge of animal teeth. Students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of observation and inferring through
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Go over vocabulary for review. Discuss the HOTS question. (Where does the food you eat come from? How does this differ from the way plants get their food?) This is important, because the students need to understand at this point, that the energy most living things obtain from food originates from the sun. (10 minutes) 3. Instruct class on the expectations of the lesson. Individuals are to use their Science book (pages B40-B41) and Animal Teeth Booklets to complete the Science Workbook page WB 49. As they are working individually, I will call them up in small groups to make observations and discuss the deer skull at the blue table. (In small groups they will have more time to ask individual questions, make more observations up close, and discuss their findings with their peers.) (15 minutes) 4. Those students, who are fast finishers, are to begin reading and looking at the pictures on pages B42-B47. Begin looking at their “Graphic Organizer for Chapter Concepts). They should be able to fill in blanks 1-6 (possibly 1-7) on their own at this point.

Summarizing Strategy:
As a class we will go over and check/fill in blanks 1-6 in the “Graphic Organizer for Chapter Concepts.” (15 minutes)
Student Evaluation:
The completion of the Science Workbook page WB 49 will show whether the individual understands what it means to observe and infer. Also, while circulating the room I

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